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We prohibit the posting of the following content in any member account:
   Nudity, pornography, and sexual material of a lewd, lecherous or obscene nature or intent or that violates local, state or national laws. i.e. No kiddie porn, beastiality, necrophilia or SCAT!
  Any material that violates or infringes in any way upon the proprietary rights of others including, without limitation, copyright or trademark rights.
  Any material that is threatening, abusive, harassing, slanderous, defamatory, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, vulgar, obscene, profane, indecent, or otherwise objectionable including posting private information belonging to or about other individuals.
  Content that promotes, encourages, or provides instructional information about illegal activities.
  Hate propaganda or hate mongering, swearing, or fraudulent material or activity.
Uploading any type of the above-mentioned files may result in:
  The immediate termination of user's ability to use MadamMeow Pics or any of its provided services.
  The deletion of any images that user has uploaded to MadamMeow Pics.
  Possible prosecution. I will turn your ass in if you post kiddie porn, etc! Count on it!
Under no circumstances may any person upload pictures used on a site whose specific purpose is to generate ad revenue. MadamMeow Pics does not permit hotlinking for ad revenue sites. SPAM farms will be banned. Posting in forums that have ads is okay, as long as the forum is actually used as a forum.
Legal Policy: These Terms of Service are subject to change without prior warning. By using MadamMeow Pics, user agrees not to involve MadamMeow Pics in any type of lawsuit or counter suit if MadamMeow Pics or any third party proceeds to take legal action against user for violations of these Terms of Service. MadamMeow Pics directs full legal responsibility of the contents of the files that are uploaded to MadamMeow Pics to individual users, and will cooperate with legal teams and government entities in the case that uploaded files are deemed to be in violation of these Terms of Service. All files are copyright © to their respective owners • All other content is copyright © MadamMeow Pics. MadamMeow Pics is not responsible for the content of any uploaded files, nor is it in affiliation with any entities that may be represented in the uploaded files.
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